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"Maudlin paced guitar lines that zig-zag around overlapping, downtrodden male vocal tracks. Tracks build to near crescendos before branching off into angrier moments."
      - Jon Pruett, Listen.com

"...a new edition to music in the new millenium. Their music absolutely goes right through me. It's the kind of sound that you can feel inside you, and all you music lovers know what I mean!"
      - Jennifer-Lee Widmark, The Viking News

"These guys (with a respectful nod and wink to the past) sound quite contemporary without sounding like any of today's rock bands. This music is aggressive, yet catchy. My personal thanks to the band for providing me with an experience that I haven't felt in years."
      - Frankie C., More Sugar Entertainment

"The band comes out ranting and raging in classic punk-rock style. Their sound is hard-driving, jet-engine loud."
      - Ray Weiss, The Journal News

"We are not these bodies that we occupy, these walls."

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