New Demo. - 9.01.02

Hello dudes and dudettes,

The release of our upcoming LP/CD is pushed back until likely sometime this winter for various reasons. From these recordings, though, Ego Kid has assembled a new demo! Please go check it out, download the songs, and pass along the word! Feel free to drop us any comments.

Keep checking back for more news and info.

Leonardo was my favorite Ninja Turtle,

     - Ego Kid

Phil Flees the Country. - 9.01.02

To the fellowship:

Ego Kid will be a 4-piece gig this fall as guitarist, Phil, will be traveling throughout the far east. We hope to continue booking shows while he is away, so keep your eyes and ears open. In the meantime you can all check up on Phil via his journal entries.

We patiently await Phil's return, and with him our new brides to be!


     - Ego Kid

Summer Finale. - 8.08.02

Hey peeps,

We're still working on the new LP - no title yet. Thus far, things have been moving along very nicely, and the release date is set for September 15, 2002.

In the mean time, Ego Kid will be playing one last show for the Summer on August 23rd at the VFW Hall in Brewster, NY. Also playing will be: President Bootlick, Thunderlips, Palestar, Polka-dot Paint Job, and Kanaris. Also, the night will feature special guest, Pete Tascio! See the tour page for more information.

Check back for updates on recording and the band's future endeavors.

Your neighborhood vixen,
     - Ego Kid

Recording in Progress. - 7.04.02

Hey  yous guys,

We took advantage of the spare time we had while Adam and Ken were away on vacation. And so, our first week of recording was launched. The week has gone by, and extremely well I might add. We've managed to record some very crisp, clean drum tracks for our targeted 8 to 10 song lp. Whether or not the last 2 songs will be included on the album is, as of yet, undecided. Thus far they're coming along well, but simply, they may not be fully developed in time to be packaged with the rest -- we just can't have pre-pubescent songs on our recording. We received a great amount of help from our great friend, Rick Cuccia, and our friends in Palestar; a thanks is indeed in order for the fairly impressive sound quality we've managed to attain (outside of a "real" studio).

The songs should sound pretty good raw, however we'll be sending them out to be mastered after we've finished. We'll be financing most of this project through revenue generated by cashing in all of Johnny and Rick's empty beer bottles.

Our proposed track listing:

1. Seven Houses in the East
2. Under the Guise of a Great Principle
3. Fourth Dimension
4. Futurism
5. Laceration (listen to demo version)
6. Catatonia
7. A Critique on Motion**
8. [untitled]**
9. The Fall of Gravity (listen to demo version)
10. The Exile and the Kingdom

**May not be included

There is no title for the lp as of yet, but as usual, we're working on it.

Lesson of the day: Drum sticks with balled-up socks on the ends cannot replace padded mallots.

A Break from Shows - Time to Create. - 6.13.02

Hey everyone,

After tomorrow night's show, out in Queens, we're going to be taking a break from performing for a while, perhaps a month. In the meantime, our efforts will be focused on finishing and recording material for our upcoming LP. It carries no title as of yet, but there are a few ideas floating around. It should be a busy time, and we hope to put together something that everyone enjoys. As with most things, only time will tell. The two samples of our pre-recording work, Laceration, and The Fall of Gravity will both be on the album.

A special thanks to Palestar for inviting us to play a couple shows with them. It's been a great deal of fun.

Keep an eye out for new live pictures coming soon from
photographer Rose Schipano. Thank you Rose!

We encourage anyone to send us scans of pictures they've taken at shows, sketches, cartoon ideas, or anything else they thing would go well on this site. If we like it, we'll post it and of course credit you.

    Until next time, remember to watch Space Ghost,
       - Phil

Continental show - RESCHEDULED!. - 5.17.02

    Hey kids,
Due to a bit of a conflict in schedules, we have had to postpone the NYC show at Continental scheduled for June 4th, 2002. The show has been officieall rescheduled for Monday, June 10, 2002 at 10:15pm. As a reminder, there is no cover charge, but the show is strictly 21+. So, to all our friends who, like us, are underage, we appologize. We hope to see you another time. :)

    Until then,
       - Phil

Booking is underway; Dates scheduled. - 4.16.02

    Hi all! We've begun booking what will be a long serious of shows between now and the end of August. Check the tour page to see what's going on. Also, add yourself to our mailing list to get info, updates, and reminders about shows. We definitely need your support in this undertaking - we promise to do our part and give you some crazy shows. Contact us if you want to suggest venues or if you know anyone who will write a review our live performances. Your help is truly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone,
       - Phil

A note from Johnny - 2.20.2002

    First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who's been returning to the page. Your support is the backbone of this band, and I, therefore, can't fully express what you mean to us. Furthermore, due to the fact that your appreciation of the music is just as crucial to its being as our composing the songs, I thought it necessary to fill you in on Ego Kid's current goals.

    For the last few weeks we've been gathering our resources in order to make the most of the new recordings. We're developing and recording new, really super-cool material; attending all sorts of photo shoots; and searching for media to review some of our material. All-in-all, we're looking to put together an awesome press kit, which in turn will (and this is the core goal) get us out and performing.

    We'll keep you posted as to when this goal, as a whole, is recognized, but check back with the tour page every so often to plot and document our quest.

    Thanks again for coming to visit. Have a magnificent day, and we hope to see you again soon.

    It's always a pleasure,

    P.S. As a somewhat longer-term goal, we're looking to release a full length...possibly by the summer. I'll keep everybody notified.